Our Dry Ice machine creates a stunning effect for your first dance


This really is the ultimate WOW as a surprise for your guests or partner during your first dance.

Using dry ice pellets chilled to an astonishing -109°F (-79°C), we will create a perfect white cloud of low lying fog for your first dance. You will have seen the same effect used on the X-Factor or on stage in Las Vegas shows. Working along side your photographer, we can achieve the most amazing pictures of one of the key points of your day.

Please beware when booking this effect, you must use a company that is competent with using Dry Ice Pellets [frozen carbon dioxide]. Other companies cheap imitation fog machines, that will give you poor quality results, dry ice is the simply the only way to achieve this effect.

When we activate our machine a blanket of low lying fog will cover the floor and amaze your guests. As the dry ice is low lying, this will not interfere with venue’s fire alarm systems meaning you can use it at any venue.

To discuss making a booking, check availability or if you would like to arrange a personal consultation at our York office please contact us.

We offer great discounts for combo bookings!

Why not add giant letters to your dancefloor or accompany your photobooth! The more you book, the more you save – get in touch to find out more.