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Personalised Playlist

 Your Personalised Playlist 

You choose the music you want…

At JW Disco all our disco bookings all include a personalised playlist. This means you can choose the songs the DJ will and will not play at your disco. 


How it works...

At the time of booking you will be sent a music request sheet for you to fill in with the details of all the songs you want to hear at your event and list of songs you hate. When you send it back to us we will make sure we have all the tracks you have requested before your event, if if we don't have some we will buy them in time for your event. 


It’s good to let us know of any songs that you do not like or anything else that has any negative connections so we can avoid these too.


At your disco we will play the songs you have requested and mix them in with what we know works to get people dancing whilst avoiding the songs you hate. We are very talented at reading the crowd and will adjust the music to suit what you and your guests are dancing to.


Requests on the night…

You can choose whether or not you would like the us to accept requests from your guests on the night. We have an extensive track library and will happily play any requests your guests ask for on the night. We can also offer our music request cards to be placed around the room for guests to fill in with their request and hand in to the DJ.

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