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Theme Nights

We can help you by playing music based on your chosen theme to create the desired mood to suit your event.

We can also help you ‘Theme’ your venue with lighting, special effects, backdrops and props on any scale, really bringing your venue and event to life.

Themed Night DJ Hire

Almost any type of event can easily become a themed party. Themes can really personalise birthday parties and other personal celebrations, giving your guests something to plan for and look forward to, increasing their anticipation of the event.


At Weddings, themes can also increase your guests interaction with one another and make your photos and videos of the reception unlike any other.


Themes can even be added to corporate events and celebrations, helping your employees relax and socialise with one another in a new way.


Think of what fun a “Great Gatsby” themed party during the summer months would be, held in a garden venue with the perfect lighting and refreshing cocktails to compliment it perfectly.


If you are considering adding a theme to your next event but are not sure where to begin, JW Disco can help.

With our 25 years of experience in throwing parties, we can work with you to find the perfect theme ideas to meet your party wants and needs.

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