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Audio Guestbook

Audio Guestbook

A great modern alternative to a traditional guestbook.

 Our Audio Guestbook is a must have for weddings & parties.
This will capture treasured voice messages from your loved ones that you keep forever.
We bring along an old style telephone with your prerecorded message to prompt your guests to leave you a message.
After your event you will receive all of the audio files.


How does our Audio Guestbook work?

  1. Your guests pick up the receiver and listen to your personalised
    pre-recorded host message.


  2. After the BEEP your guests can start recording your message…No limit to the number or length of messages left!

  3. After they have finished they simply return the receiver back on its cradle. The recording is then safely stored.

  4. After the event we will retrieve all of the recordings from the night, and share them with you to cherish forever!

Benefits of our Audio Guestbook

Great Audio Quality

Unlimited Recordings

Share with
Friends & Family

Digital Download
of all recordings

 Our Audio guestbook is becoming increasingly popular as the modern way to capture memories of your important events.
It allows your guests at your Wedding or event to record personal voice messages, which are then compiled into a single audio file.
This concept is a unique way to preserve memories, as it captures the emotions at the event.
Our audio guestbooks is not limited to weddings, but they can be used for various other occasions such as birthdays,
Anniversaries, and family reunions. The possibilities are endless, and they offer a unique opportunity to create a lasting memory.

Let's make your event unforgettable. Tell us about your wedding, corporate event, or special occasion today, and let's start planning the perfect entertainment to fit your unique style and needs.

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