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Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t answered here please Contact Us and we will be happy to help.


How much do you charge?

Like any other business, the cost does vary and you should you shop around. However, we very much believe in the old saying “you get what you pay for” and our fees are well within the national average for mobile discos. Our charge is based on when and where the function will take place, how far we will have to travel and how long the event will run for. It is very difficult for us to quote a ‘set price’ as it depends on a number of different factors, and every event is different.


When you give us the information about your function, we can then provide you with a quotation.

Our prices are fully inclusive and always agreed in advance so that there are no hidden surprises or extras to be paid for.


Can you carry on after the agreed finish time?

We are happy to do this, although it is of course subject to agreement with the venue (as they often have planning or licensing restrictions) and payment of an additional fee for our services. The charged per hour and this fee must be paid in cash to the DJ before any extra time commences.


Do you issue a booking confirmation?

Yes we do. All of our bookings are confirmed to ensure that you have full peace of mind and don’t need to worry about anything ‘disco’ related.  Full terms and conditions of booking a disco with us are sent to you with our booking form and you will be asked to sign to confirm your agreement to them.


How much time do you need to set up?

Depending on your choice of setup our setup times can vary. Our standard setup will usually take around an hour to setup. We ask request an hour so that we can ensure everything is setup and ready for the arrival of you and your guests. A similar period of time will also been needed at the end of the event to dismantle and reload equipment. This must be taken into account when planning any arrangements. If required an earlier set up time can be made by arrangement. Both of these times are affected by vehicle access – if the car park is close by it can be quicker. Similarly, If a venue is upstairs, it will take more time for us to set up our equipment. 


How much space do you need?

A minimum clear floor space is required of 6 metres x 2 metres with a head height of 3 metres.  If other additional entertainment is booked, such as a live band, adequate floor space must be available for all performers.


How many power points do you need and will I have to provide anything?

Two 13amp power points are preferable. We will bring our own DJ Booth and lighting gantry which is completely self contained – you do not need to provide anything.


What music do you play?

Practically anything you wish. We carry a wide range of music, compiling a large selection of artists, genres and songs. Upon booking we ask you if you have any requests or playlists that you would like us to send to us. We request that these are sent to us in good time before the day to ensure availability of the tracks. The music we play is based on the type of event, we also welcome requests from you and your guests. We also offer you to submit a ‘do not play’ list. If there’s anything you wouldn’t like to be played please let us know and we’ll avoid those selected choices.


What equipment will the you bring? Does it include lights?

We use a professional sound equipment and lighting effects to suit the venue and the number of guests attending. The type of lighting can be varied to suit the style of your event and LED Uplighting can be added to transform the look of your venue by washing the walls in colour. Computer controlled lights are used to give a fantastic display for your event.


Do we get to meet you before the date?

We like to meet all of our wedding clients before the Wedding day. We aim to discuss all of the necessary details enabling us to have everything we should need for the day itself. We are happy to meet you about any event, not just weddings – please contact us if you would like to meet us to discuss your booking in further detail.

Make your event unforgettable.
Tell us about your special day or celebration today and let us help you create the perfect atmosphere with our professional DJ and event services.

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